The Foundation provides funding

for telemedical assistance to pediatric hospice patients

to allow the patient and family to communicate more frequently with their interdisciplinary team.

Telemedicine improves patient care by allowing medical information to be exchanged from one site to another

via electronic communications.

Technology for Hope telemedical assistance includes a growing variety of applications and services using two-way video, email, smart phones, wireless tools & other forms of telecommunications technology.

If you are a licensed pediatric nurse, social worker, or child life specialist, who works with a pediatric hospice or palliative care patient in South Carolina or it's surrounding counties, and you believe the patient could benefit from this technology please fill out our online application.



" We are currently caring for an 8 year old little boy, diagnosed with a brain tumor at the end of July 2013. He suffered what appears to be a stroke, at the end of January 2014 and has been unable to communicate through speech since then. We contacted the Foundation to apply for an Ipad.  The Ipad has allowed him to be able to speak through assistive apps. He can use message boards and speaking apps that help him get his needs across. This has been such a huge relief for him and his mom and made his quality of life so much better!"





"Thank God for this iPad... it brings him comfort and joy in a time where there isn't much of that.  Even when he feels his worst he is able to enjoy himself."




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"We have a patient on our services that has lost a significant amount of control of his body due to a progressive muscle disease. This program is allowing him to once again engage in everyday activities that he used to enjoy (i.e., games, playing instruments, taking photos) through the use of an iPad. Regaining control over these social activities has done wonders for his quality of life... thank you for this program!"