The Foundation provides assistance to individuals in South Carolina who have been diagnosed with a life limiting illness. This assistance may include financial help to those who are unable to pay for critical unfunded expenses. This can include but is not limited to assisting with electric bills, mortgage payments, and wheelchair ramps.

*SPECIAL NOTE: the Foundation CANNOT pay an individual (landlord, person making home repairs, etc.) unless a W9 form is submitted by that individual. This includes individuals who own their own company, e.g. “Wilson’s Repair Service.” W9 Forms and instructions can be found HERE. Please contact us directly if you have ANY questions about this requirement.


We encourage you to share this resource with your patients, as it contains a budgeting tipsheet, a guide to reducing current costs on major monthly expenses by contacting providers, and also resources available throughout the state that can benefit individuals facing financial hardships.

Please download and read the Guidelines before proceeding.  Applications will be filled out by the patient or authorized person, and returned to the hospice worker.  It is the responsibility of the caseworker to submit the application and supporting documents on behalf of the patient/family.

The caseworker must also provide written proof (signed and on company letterhead) that the patient is currently receiving hospice or palliative care services, or if deceased, proof of the dates that the patient was on service.

* If you are applying for assistance with funeral expenses, please read the document linked to the button on the left.

Please download and print the application for your patient to complete. The hospice worker may guide the process, but the application MUST be completed by the patient or authorized representative. Please note that this is a two step process, and after the application is submitted, you will receive a detailed checklist of what supporting documentation will need to be submitted in order to award funding. No funds can be distributed without requested documentation.

Individuals and Familes must be at or below the poverty line to be eligible for Financial Assistance.  To determine if an individual or family qualifies please review the poverty guidelines via the weblink.

If a patient is not competent/capable of completing the application, this form must be utilized to verify permission for an authorized person to fill out the application on the patient's behalf.

***When an individual is applying on behalf of a deceased person we need verification of their appointment as Executor of the Estate.  You can contact the probate court office in their county to learn what is required and get a statement/letter verifying who is appointed as the personal representative.  The executor must be established before we move forward with an application.

When the application is complete and supporting documents have been obtained, please submit in .pdf form to  ***Photos will not be accepted only copies of originals.  Contact us at if you have any questions.

If you or one of your patients have benefitted from our Need & Assistance Program please give us feedback.


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, HPCF will accept requests for urgent needs (gas cards, grocery cards, etc.) up to $75. The hospice provider can request these on behalf of a patient by 1) completing the online form (click green button on left) and 2) downloading, signing and emailing  this signed request to


"This patient is on oxygen and the oxygen concentrator has driven up the cost of his power bill. In addition, his primary caregiver had to stop working to help care for him. The patient and caregiver were extremely grateful for the assistance provided to them."

- Social Worker for Hospice Family


"This help came when we were at our lowest and it relieved us of a large burden and started us on the road to recovery. We can't possibly thank you enough for your kind assistance."

-Hospice Family

"Our family would like to express their sincere gratitude to the Hospice and Palliative Foundation for your thoughtfulness during our time of grieve and need. It is such a wonderful thing to know that  agencies are so willing to assist in such a time as this. We will be for ever grateful!"

-Family of Hospice Patient


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