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Your Donations at Work

Impacting lives of those affected by end of life issues

Camp Hands of Hope

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Pediatric Care Program

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"The Hospice and Palliative Care Foundation ensured that a pediatric patient and his family would continue to make memories despite his terminal diagnosis. The family had a minivan that had not worked in many years unfortunately this was the only automobile that would comfortably fit the patient and his entire family. With the assistance of the foundation, the family was able to purchase a new motor for the minivan. Now the family will be able to travel together and make new memories during this precious time. "


- Social Worker of Pediatric Patient

Gift and Relief Fund

Playing Chess
Helping Hands
Women Volunteers

"This help came when we were at our lowest and it relieved us of a large burden and started us on the road to recovery. We can't possibly thank you enough for your kind assistance."

- Hospice Family

Hospice & Palliative Care Education

Writing with Pen
Youth Counseling
Outdoor Reading

Technology for Hope

Girl with Tablet
Two Friends with a Tablet
Clicking on a Tablet

" We are currently caring for an 8 year old little boy, diagnosed with a brain tumor at the end of July 2013. He suffered what appears to be a stroke, at the end of January 2014 and has been unable to communicate through speech since then. We contacted the Foundation to apply for an iPad.  The iPad has allowed him to be able to speak through assistive apps. He can use message boards and speaking apps that help him get his needs across. This has been such a huge relief for him and his mom and made his quality of life so much better!"

- Child Life Specialist of Pediatric Patient

Small Gifts

Package Opening
Fancy gift Box
Pressure Points


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