Although hospice and palliative care patients usually have Medicare, Medicaid, or private insurance, the benefits received through those resources do not cover many end of life needs. Just one unpaid mortgage bill or utility can send a household into a state of situational poverty.  Parents and caregivers of pediatric patients are often forced to use all of their sick time and paid time off to support the needs of their loved one.  As a result they struggle to cover the cost of memory making and legacy building with their terminally ill children.  HPCF opperates five core programs in response to identified areas of need.


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Pediatric Care Program-  Provides financial assistance to families, who have a child receiving hospice or palliative care services, that are unable to pay for critical unfunded expenses or the cost of meaningful items for memory making and legacy building. This may include day to day living expenses, and assistance with funeral costs.  In addition small gift, holiday gift, charm and photography  components are part of this program

Hospice and Palliative Education- Provides funding for grief support materials for individuals in South Carolina who have experienced the loss of a loved one. Special attention has been given to providing educational resources to school guidance counselors as well as children, teens and their parents. We also offer educational materials to support Veterans dealing with end of life and their caregivers.

Adult Gift & Relief Fund- One-time emergency funding is provided to adult hospice patients and their households to assist with critical expenses not covered by insurance. This may include but is not limited to assisting with utility bills, rent, home repairs, medical transportation assistance, and wheelchair ramps. A small gift component was added in 2000 in response to Covid-19 impact on economics.


Camp Hands of Hope-  We recognize that children grieve in many different ways. They want support from their peers and to know that there are others with similar challenges.  Camp Hands of Hope was created to address their loss in a safe, caring environment where families can express their feelings and connect with others going through similar experiences. Camps occur in various locations several times a year for youth ages 5-18 and their families who have experienced the loss of a loved one. Contact us for more information.



Technology for Hope- Provides loans of adaptive equipment such as Ipads and specific apps for the duration of treatment to support telemedical assistance for pediatric hospice and palliative care patients.  Benefits include more frequent communication by the patient/family with their interdisciplinary team, enhanced quality of life and the potential for saving time and avoiding unnecessary and costly visits to the emergency room. 



A Day in the life of...

A child life specialist recently shared her experience making a fingerprint charm with a child and her mom (shared with the family’s permission):

“While making the fingerprint charm, she was giggling and thought it was SO funny that she was pressing her finger into something that was like clay. Her Mom was laughing, I was laughing -- it was a beautiful moment. That was just a few weeks ago and she is now mostly non responsive. I love that this charm will remind her mother of that laughter and that moment that we captured this. So it is not only the charm, it is the process of creating the charm that gives SO many lasting memories.”