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Cash gifts are a convenient way for donors to make an immediate impact on the program they wish to support and receive the benefit of a tax deduction. Checks should be made payable to: Hospice & Palliative Care Foundation and Mail to: HPCF PO Box 151 Drayton, SC 29333

Honor a special person that had an impact on your life with a memorial gift or make a donation in recognition of someone or an occasion. You can make this gift online or Submit a gift by mail and share the story so we can celebrate with you.

Many employers will match your donation: making your gift have double the impact. Visit our Matching Gift page to see if your company has a matching gift program or check with your employer. Most companies ask you to complete and return a short form and may require our tax identification number: 57-1107253. If you are a federal employee you can select the Hospice & Palliative Care Foundation as your charity of choice. Our CFC designation code is: 63356

Another great way to donate is by sending us a gift card to help us purchase supplies for activities at our bereavement camps and for our small gift program for pediatric hospice and palliative care patients. We work extremely hard to dedicate incoming dollars directly to our programs and you can help stretch those dollars by sending a gift card to cover some of those items.

Bequests are easy to arrange, can be modified to address your changing needs and will not alter your lifestyle in anyway. You have continued access to your gift assets should you need them. You can specify a dollar amount, specific asset(s), or a percentage of your estate. You may similarly name HPCF as the beneficiary of your living trust. You can even choose to name HPCF the contingent beneficiary of a bequest intended for a surviving loved one

Including HPCF in your will is easy and one of the most popular ways to ensure the future of the foundation. It is generally as simple as adding a brief statement to your estate documents. While this type of gift creates no immediate tax benefits, it will be completely tax deductible for estate tax purposes. No gift is too small. You can designate gifts of cash, property, securities, or other types of bequest in your last will and testament.

Have a group of friends who want to come alongside you and make a difference? Group fundraising efforts can include organizing an event or concert, using social media to create a campaign, scheduling a fun activity like a donation day with lists of in-kind donation items used for one of our bereavement camps, (e.g. colored markers, poster paint, snack items) with proceeds benefiting HPCF. Let us know if you would like brochures or other materials to support your fundraising.

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