Hospice & Palliative Care Education

Community Grief Resources

We have numerous resources available to the general community regarding grief. 

  • Coping with Your Grief Brochure

  • Coping After the Death of your Spouse or Partner

  • Supporting a Grieving Child

  • Supporting a Grieving Teen

  • Help During the Holidays Handout

  • Grief Resource List

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School Grief Resources

We have two resources available to school counselors and professional licensed counselors across South Carolina. 

Heart Shaped Pickles

This elementary school age bereavement resource is based on a true story. When Jenny's grandpas both pass away within weeks of each other, her connections to them continues through her discover of different heart shaped items all around her. The illustrations invite children to color, encouraging creativity. The book includes a discussion guide along with "8 Things Children Can Teach Grownups About Grief." To order please complete the form below:

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When Teens are Grieving

This booklet is based on the award winning book, Weird is Normal When Teenager Grieve. This unique book shares teen author, Jenny Wheeler's grief story and validates for teens that they have the right to grieve in their own way. Professional insights are provided throughout by specialists in grief support. To order please complete the form below:

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Veterans Resource

This resource provides education on the special needs of seriously ill veterans and helps military families understand and navigate the VA's benefits. The booklet has practical "What You Can Do" bullet points and a comprehensive "About the Veteran Worksheet" that can be used to collect information needed to apply for benefits as well a guide to the veteran's care plan. To order please complete the following form: 

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