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Outreach At the BMW Pro-AM

We recently sponsored a booth at the BMW Pro AM event's Carolina Country Club location. Outreach events like this provide an opportunity to educate the community about our programs such as Camp Hands of Hope and reinforce the benefits of hospice and palliative care as well as address misconceptions.

While some people, once they saw the word hospice, walked past our booth without making eye contact, others stopped and shared their stories of how hospice had made a difference to a loved one. Time and time again we heard “I didn’t really understand or know what hospice was, but once we had it for (loved one) I was amazed at what they did and wished I had known sooner.”

We live in an information age, but some things are still not easy to talk about, and end-of-life is one of those topics people tend to avoid. Thankfully some spectators and celebrities such as golfer and podcaster Will Lowry were open to conversations about loss and grief, sharing a bit about their own losses and expressing interest in learning more about our Camps. Will is a youth advocate and understands the need to dispel myths. You can learn about his work to promote equity and create opportunities to empower kids and adults from all walks of life to grow through the game of golf at

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