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                               Just one unpaid mortgage or utility bill can send a household into a state of situational                                               poverty.  Our Relief fund provides up to $500 towards expenses not covered by insurance.

Caregivers who exhaust paid time off are forced to take time without pay to support care needs,

making it difficult to keep up with expenses.  Our small gift program can help with everyday items.

                              Parents of pediatric patients may have few resources left to cover the cost of memory making                                  and legacy building with their terminally ill children.  Last year we provided 43 charms and 50                                    small gifts to  children on hospice. 

There are few programs available in South Carolina (and nationwide) that offer bereavement support

for the family as a unit.   Registrations for our weekend Bereavement Camps fill within 48 hours.

All costs for Camp Hands of Hope are covered by donations.

     Grief and resource education materials are provided at no cost to teachers, school counselors and others across the state.  


                   You can safely contribute online using your credit or debit card or send a check in the mail.

Contribute Online

Other Ways

To Give

If donating by Check 

please made payable to:

  Hospice & Palliative Care Foundation (HPCF)

Mailing address:

PO Box 151

Drayton, SC 29333


Click below to print out a Donation form to send with your check.





   When making a Tribute donation 

1. include who your donation is in honor/memory of and

2.  provide the address and name of a family member or loved one we can notify regarding the donation.




For information on Legacy Giving

& other ways to become involved

visit our Ways to  Give page.

Visit our Matching Gifts page

to see if your employer has a matching gifts program OR 

Check with the HR and Benefits professionals at your company if you don't see your employers name on this list.


Every time you Shop

Amazon donates a portion of your purchase to the Hospice & Palliative Care Foundation

It's a great way to give back with your everyday purchase. 











If you are unable to process your donation as desired,

please contact us 

so that we may can assist you.




  If you would like a copy of our financials please send a written request to

PO BOX 151

Drayton, SC 29333


After you select Submit, the Screen may turn grey, just scroll back up to the top to view the next step.

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